Amy N. Pugsley

Cairo II

Ten people
From different countries
On a rooftop in Cairo
Light pollution from the city below
Cigarettes in waving hands
Smoke dancing into the night

I love it when
In the middle of a foreign place
A memory comes back
From years and years ago
A moment so quick but so meaningful
It seems impossible it was ever forgotten

The call to prayer rings loud
Vibrating over the city
Interrupting the revelry
Someone spills something sticky
A dog barks in the distance
Time is rarely this still

Amy N. Pugsley is a Persian-Canadian writer, poet, and educator located in Cairo, Egypt. Her work has previously been published in: International School Parent Magazine, Boom Saloon Magazine, Rigorous Magazine, The Write Launch, Genre Urban Arts, Pamplemousse Magazine, Oasis Magazine, Cairo West Magazine, & Flair Magazine.