Tiffany Babb

Cary Grant

I adore Cary Grant. Or maybe
I simply love the way he walks
through a room or maybe I want
to pilfer the way he speaks
or maybe I am jealous
that he could always land
the Woman or that he could
flirt with men and
get away with it. Or maybe
I also wish that I could
do away with my past
and re-piece
myself into someone
the world would adore, idolize,
mimic, desire.

Artist Statement

As a queer, mixed-race writer, I am interested in moments of uncovering what has been buried or ignored or forgotten. I think of my writing as an attempt to reach into the fog and solidify it. My writing is driven by the attempt to slow the ever increasing unknown. Robert Frost wrote that poetry “a momentary stay against confusion.” He didn’t expect poetry to be the answer to all questions or even a step on the path to great enlightenment. It was a momentary stay, not a cure. Though I recognize that I construct an identity out of a history that may not be true, I can still create a foothold into my history as I understand it.”

Tiffany Babb is a poet, essayist, and cultural critic. She’s a regular contributor to The AV Club’s Comic Panel and the Eisner Award winning PanelxPanel Magazine. You can find her poetry in Rust + Moth, Third Wednesday Magazine, and Cardiff Review. You can follow her on twitter @explodingarrow and sign up for her monthly newsletter at