David Kozinski

Chateau Country

It is one of those moments that tugs

incorporeally at the innards

like late afternoon

the back yard at Kentuck Knob in October


or dinner after a long day

at Cape Henlopen; sex barely wiped

from fingers breaking

crab shells, extracting the meat

with what looks like a dentist’s hook.


Because they are stood in or walked through

they can’t be held on a screen

or printed on paper

let alone relived

even dreaming. The gravity of softest light


redefines the hues of leaves, borrows

ten minutes and shortens each time

it is remembered.

A hired hand sweeps up the shells,

collects empty cans and glasses.


The drive is quiet

on deer-crossed roads

winding up, falling back.

The tune of the radio—violin and vibraphone—

is all you take home.


David Kozinski won the Delaware Literary Connection’s 2015 spring poetry contest, judged by B.J. Ward. He received the Dogfish Head Poetry Prize, which included publication of his chapbook, Loopholes. He has been the featured poet in Schuylkill Valley Journal. Publications include Apiary, The Broadkill Review, Confrontation, Fox Chase Review, glimmertrain.com, Philadelphia Stories, Poetry Repairs, Margie, and The Rathalla Review. Kozinski has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice. He will conduct a poetry workshop for teens at the Montgomery County (PA) Youth Center this autumn. He has been a featured poet at numerous venues in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware, with his wife, actress and journalist Patti Allis Mengers, and Maya— a saucy, 5­year-old feline.