Editor’s Note

Dear Readers:


At the 2016 AWP Conference in Los Angeles, the MFA program at West Virginia University celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary while our small but proud literary magazine, the Cheat River Review turned five years old. Having signed on as Assistant Fiction Editor in my first year as a graduate student here, I’ve been with the journal for a majority of its young life.


In a way, I’ve watched it grow up.


I watched it learn how to run and jump and play, and when I asked which team sports it wanted to start playing, it thought for a second then said, “hmm. all of them.” Karate and gymnastics and baseball and, boy does this kid have an arm. Compared with last year, it’s showing improvements in language and in listening, and when it was time for that weepy drop-off on the first day in kindergarten, I’m proud to report not one tear was shed.


And isn’t that the way it goes? Tears fall less. The journal relies on its own merit and less on attempts to cuddle and coddle and tell it how good it’s been. Its network of aunts and uncles and cheek-pinchers expand. It goes to bed early and sleeps all night. It does its homework. It wants to do well for you.


Our team of editors and readers is ready for your best work for our fall and spring issues.


Won’t you be our literary godparents?




Megan Fahey

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