The Head’s Will Is the Wind’s Will


What brings you in today?

slices of lemon and onion the wet of them trapped in
bones this sweating a mist-suspicious and the dread
of dialing one for emergency.

On a scale of 1-10, what is your current level of pain?

there is moth-claustrophobia stop shinning your light stop
betting the under this hillocked marrow a monte carlo
fallacy yes i’m aware jason passed at a five yes this haunting
both of may and the arena introductions for the world
famous chicago bulls.

Do you have any known triggers?    

reckless azaleas, burgundy voices, my ziplocked change,
imagining this rubber neck as home, the want of wild and wind,
a sycamore peeling its skin.   

What medications are you currently on? 

a deciduous desire: that a lifeline, that my widening gyre, my
lucubrating nights, my english ivy, that which says relief as in
carved, bodies as in polyphones, hunger as in spooled light,
that as in you.


horatio is a queer poet, writer, and massage therapist based in Brooklyn and Montreal. He is currently completing an English Ph.D. at Princeton University where he researches heterotopic spaces and the phenomenology of gender fluidity in modern poetry, fiction, and performance art. His writing has recently been published in the Lambda Literary Review and is currently a finalist for the 2019 Linda Hodge Bromberg Award in poetry.