Issue 14 – Fall 2020

from Sophia Lethe Talks Doxodox Down

Robert Savino Oventile & Sandy Florian


D: I the sand do relish or the breeze or the bonfire more or the phlegmatic sea the most?
SL: Pungent and grey float the smoke and the whales.
D: The sparkles in the air join the glitters in my eyes.
SL: Just stay lounging you melancholic, or over topple, since neither your shirt, without a collar, nor this scene, or even sleeves, can I believe.
D: I know! Gothic and on a floating stage, acoustic and just off shore
SL: The harpist with the ostrich-skin boots and black-feather boa, I must say …
D: I, when the platform angles a bit, nice touch, just can make out the meadow, vibrantly sanguine, starred with flowers, the carpet depicts, if I squint. A bone pile elevates the drum kit.
SL: I listen and sway, rapt and rhythmic.
D: Silent and null sound the quartet and the instruments. Is this what Homeric dumb show red-eyed for seven hundred and twenty-three miles drove I to witness past innumerable descansos if my ears indeed someone did not into sneak wax?
SL: Paranoid and choleric, you speculate and complain. An enchanting musical interlude, more like, from a commedia dell’arte improvised with delight.
D: This soundlessness, the tense air, the crows …
SL: A mask you need wax’s opposite to open yourself entire ears blushing fans surging the notes …
D: … why I am for I know not how wading forward to orient audition resolution wells up irresistibly Ishmael walks seaward …
SL: … alit and aloft mingle cell phones and iPads …


D: The guidebook says, “Listen for the silence.”
SL: I read pitch darkness gilds the surface with a pleasing radiance.
D: I should bring a camera. Listen to this: “Wonderfully odorous, the attendant mists immediately anesthetize the olfactory nerves.”
SL: The back cover boasts, “A taste unlike anything you will ever remember!”
D: Wait, here’s a disclaimer: “The bracing cold exposed skin will register in no way gives an indication of the waterway but arrives from the desert of ice and snow just beyond, a perennially favorite attraction closed to visitors in perpetuity.”
SL: Go anyway?
D: You bet.

Robert Savino Oventile has published interviews, essays, and book reviews in Postmodern Culture, Jacket, symplokē, and Chicago Quarterly Review, among other journals. His poetry has appeared in New Delta Review, Upstairs at Duroc, and Denver Quarterly. He is the author of Impossible Reading: Idolatry and Diversity in Literature and of Satan’s Secret Daughters: The Muse as Daemon (both with the Davies Group).

Sandy Florian is the author of five books and one chapbook. She lives in Washington, DC.