Issue 15 – Spring 2021

Cheat River Review eagerly presents our fifteenth issue, one that hopes to highlight Black writers, Indigenous writers, writers of color, and LGBTQ+ writers. As we opened submissions on Valentine’s Day, we especially encouraged pieces that focused on love in all its forms. 

The editorial team at Cheat River earnestly thanks all submitters, contributors, and readers; we aspire to continue our goal of fostering an inclusive and historically minded space within our corner of the literary community. 

We were (and will forever be) humbled to be in conversations with so many exceptional artists. It is a privilege–as readers and writers ourselves—to be trusted with their work. 

(as always) with love,
Cheat River Review

Editorial Staff: Editor-in-Chief: Kasey Shaw | Managing/ Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Rachael Bradley | Poetry Editor: Vincent Frontero | Fiction Editor: Morgan Roediger | Media Editor: Gabriel Bass | Social Media Editor: Caroline Riley | Web Editor: Vahid Arefi

Table of Contents

Tiffany Babb — Cary Grant
Subhaga Crystal Bacon — Dream Life
Trisha Cowen — Shooting: An Ode to My Daughter, Yet to Be Born

Jonathan Ayala — Hands
KP Vogel — Sunday
Jack Bentz — Super Excited
B. Tyler Lee — Undersong

Keshaun Chow —Ada, Multiplied
Elsa Williams —Research Subject

Issue 15 — Contributor Artist Statements

Cheat River Review

Issue 15 – Spring 2021

Cover Art “All Aflutter” by Andi Brown