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Issue Eight

- Fiction -

Jasmine Cruz

We Who Befriended Twin Crocodiles


Peter Grimes

Two Fences


- Flash Fiction -

Tetman Callis

At Kahun, for the Health of the Mother and the Child


Andrew Hertzberg

Out of Place

- Creative Non-Fiction-

Colin Pope



Richard Bentley

Carefree Calls


Richard Hague


The Weirdest Poem Quoted Hamlet


Abby Lewis



Andrea Rogers

The Dark Eternal

Issue Eight: Editor-in-Chief: Megan Fahey | Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth Leo | Poetry Editor: Sarah Munroe | Assistant Poetry Editor: Bryce Berkowitz | Poetry Readers: Jacob Block and Lauren Milici | Fiction Editor: Nat Updike | Assistant Fiction Editor: Ryan Kalis | Fiction Readers: Evan Kertman and Jordan Carter | Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Kelsey Liebenson-Morse | Assistant Non-Fiction Editor: Kat Saunders | Non-Fiction Reader: Heather Myers | Media Editors: Marjorie McAtee and Abigail Palbus | Social Media Editor: Shaun Turner

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