Issue 5 Cover - two chairs by Thomas Leth-Olsen

Issue Five


David Kozinski

Chateau Country

Sean Webb


Kathryn Merwin

The Hanged Man (A Reading from the Pictogram) | The Native Vein

Shivani Mehta


Valerie Fox

Her dress shows she has abstained

—Tiny Poems—

Darren Demaree

Nude Male with Echo #109

Erin Traylor

To You, Holy Mess

Tom Montag

These Hills


Alexandra Hunter

Night Farmer

—Flash Fiction—

Diane Payne

Spirt In The Sky

Joe Halstead


Russell Richardson

Bird in the Works

Sam Slaughter


—Creative Nonfiction—

Kevin LeTroy Copeland

Myself That I Portray–Look Away

Katharine Monger


Rachel Michelle Hanson


Cover art: two chairs by Thomas Leth-Olsen

Issue Five: Editor-in-Chief: Maggie Behringer | Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Shaun Turner | Poetry Editor: Elizabeth Leo | Assistant Poetry Editor: Sarah Munroe | Fiction Editor: Megan Fahey | Assistant Fiction Editor: Whit Arnold | Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Emily Denton | Assistant Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Kelsey Liebenson-Morse | Media Editor: Kassi Roberts

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