Cover photo by Nathan Q. Holmes

Issue One


Mark Halliday

Excuse Me? | Felt Pouch

Erin Murphy

Reverse Alchemy

Franklin K.R. Cline


John Hoppenthaler

Last Father’s Day | The Gentleman Hunters Run Their Hounds

Gary L. McDowell

Of Smoke | Of Oaths

Laura Kasischke

The Invisible Passenger

Nicole Yurcaba

The Great Appalachian-American Novel

Todd Davis

Yu | Mud Dauber


Steven Sherrill

Food Court

Lawrence F. Farrar

The Man Who Wouldn't Pay for Dinner

Justin J. Brouckaert

The Only Thing Blue

—Creative Nonfiction—

Jessie van Eerden

The Helicopter

Jeremy B. Jones

Mountain Mobility

Cover photo by Nathan Q. Holmes

Issue One: Editor-in-Chief: Patric Nuttall | Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Morgan O'Grady | Poetry Editor: Jessica Guzman | Fiction Editor: Mari Casey | Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Sadie Shorr-Parks | Web Developer and Graphic Designer: Nathan Quinn Holmes