Issue Seven

- Fiction-

Elissa C. Huang

Lost and Found Babies


Robin Wyatt Dunn

Listening at the Edges


-Flash Fiction-

Melissa Fangio


-Creative Non-Fiction-

Laurie Ember

Seeking Expert Piano Tuner


Jim Ross

The Man Who Loved Elephants


Chelsea Dingman

Damage Assessment


Michael Mingo

Rural Sound Check


Daye Phillippo



Effy Fritz

Protocol for Survival


Amber Tran


Cover Artist: Roger Camp

Issue Seven: Editor-in-Chief: Megan Fahey | Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth Leo | Poetry Editor: Sarah Munroe | Assistant Poetry Editor: Bryce Berkowitz | Poetry Readers: Jacob Block and Lauren Milici | Fiction Editor: Nat Updike | Assistant Fiction Editor: Ryan Kalis | Fiction Readers: Evan Kertman and Jordan Carter | Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Kelsey Liebenson-Morse | Assistant Non-Fiction Editor: Kat Saunders | Non-Fiction Reader: Heather Myers | Media Editors: Marjorie McAtee and Abigail Palbus | Social Media Editor: Shaun Turner

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