Cover art by McKinley Bryson

Issue Three


Sarah B. Boyle

September, That Year | Question for the Mothers

M. E. MacFarland


Lucien Darjeun Meadows

Birthday Is a Time for Burning

Cindy Hunter Morgan

ALPENA, 1880 Lake Michigan | FRANCISCO MORAZAN, 1960 Lake Michigan

Vanessa Couto Johnson

The Fixed Meal

William Kelley Woolfitt

The Skin of a Viper's Jaw Transfigured

—Flash Fiction—

Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois

Dried Fig

Matthew Kabik

All the Roads and Trees of Pennsylvania


Sarah-Jane Abate

Don't You Want Someone?

Tim Buchanan

By The Time This Reaches You I'll Have Fled

Andrew C. Sottile

Everybody Listened

Erin Ruzicka Trondson


—Creative Nonfiction—

William Hoffacker

What You Eat

Marissa Schwalm

Only Bar in Town

Chris Wiewiora


Cover art by McKinley Bryson

Issue Three: Editor-in-Chief: Clint Wilson | Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Maggie Behringer | Poetry Editor: Koh Xin Tian | Assistant Poetry Editor: Elizabeth Leo | Fiction Editor: Shaun Turner | Assistant Fiction Editor: Megan Fahey | Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Emily Denton | Assistant Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Kelsey Liebenson-Morse | Media Editor: Hailey Foglio | Assistant Media Editor: Sarah Munroe