Issue 14 – Fall 2020

From our heart to yours, Cheat River Review is happy to present our next issue.

This issue’s theme was centered around Appalachia, a place that has historically been overlooked and stigmatized. Now, more than ever, we believe in the importance of representation, of showing up, of doing the work, of getting things right. 

 We are proud of the voices we have published in this issue, encouraged by all of those who have submitted, and emboldened by our place among talented artists and publishers. 

Love, always;
Cheat River Review

Issue 14 Editorial Staff | Editor-in-Chief: Kasey Shaw | Managing & Creative Nonfiction Editor: Rachael Bradley | Poetry Editor: Vincent Frontero | Fiction Editor: Morgan Roediger | Media Editor: Gabriel Bass | Social Media Editor: Caroline Riley | Web Editors: Edward France & Vahid Arefi

Table of Contents

Amy N. Pugsley — Cairo II
Felicia Mitchell — Mother Tree, Ailanthus Altissima
Rhienna Guedry — The Names of Streets
Robert Savino Oventile & Sandy Florian — from Sophia Lethe Talks Doxodox Down

Brett Biebel — The Bloody Holly Story
Barbara Ivusic — Evelyn’s Dolls
Garrett Stack — The Lake House
Kathryn Ordiway — Polaroids
Jennifer Fliss — What Goes with Us

Helen Park — Cardinals

Michael Thompson — World Afloat 26

Cover Art by Laurie Lyn McGlynn

Laurie-Lynn McGlynn is a Visual Artist and Writer. She is currently exploring the beautiful Welsh countryside as research for her next project. As an emerging poet, McGlynn references her written work with that of her visual work, which offers endless concepts for both mediums. Most recently her series “Every Poem I’ve Ever Written…” depicts the relationship between the ethereal and the tangible…the emotive response to the written word with that of a work of art. Our responses to both mediums are interchangeable. McGlynn’s paintings have been exhibited in public galleries in Toronto, Halifax and Kitchener-Waterloo, online and in private collections. Her most recent work is on exhibition in the halls of the Queen’s Park Legislature Building, Toronto until December 2021. Her poetry and prose has been published throughout Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.