Issue 16 – Winter 2022

Editorial Staff: Editor-in-Chief: Kasey Shaw | Managing Editor: Katie Clendenin|Creative Nonfiction Editor: Rachael Bradley | Poetry Editor: Caroline Riley| Fiction Editor: Morgan Roediger | Art Editor: Zach Hunley | Social Media Editor: Caroline Riley | Web Editor: Vahid Arefi

Table of Contents


Jeremy T. Karn — the rupture of membranes
Ashley Danielle Ryle — Three Poems
Jamie Jacques — Atomic Habits
Darren C. Demaree — Three Poems


Soramimi Hanerjima — Where the Show Goes On
Sam Roberts — The Worst Job in the World
Erin Karbuczky — The Amazing Shauna Spiegelman
Avery Gregurich — Wild Trade
Arsalan Chalabi — The Words Grew With Bullets


Trey Burnette — September 1
frankie allegra — Pet People

The cover art of Issue 16 of the Cheat River Review is a piece titled “Count to Ten” by Aaron Lelito.

Aaron Lelito is a visual artist from Buffalo, NY. In his photographic work, he is primarily drawn to the patterns and imagery of nature. His images have been published as cover art in Red Rock Review, Peatsmoke Journal, and The Scriblerus. His work has also appeared in LandLocked Magazine, EcoTheo Review, About Place Journal, and Alluvian. He is editor-in-chief of the art & literature website Wild Roof Journal. See more of his work on Instagram @runic_ruminations.