Issue 3 – Fall 2014


Sarah B. Boyle – September, That Year
Sarah B. Boyle – Questions for the Mothers 
M.E. MacFarland – Malacasoma
Lucien Darjeun Meadows  – Birthday is a Time for Burning
Cindy Hunter Morgan – ALPENA, 1880 Lake Michigan
Cindy Hunter Morgan – FRANCISCO MORAZAN, 1960 Lake Michigan
Vanessa Couto Johnson  –   The Fixed Meal
William Kelley Woolfitt  –  The Skin of a Viper’s Jaw Transfigured


Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois – Dried Fig
Matthew Kabik  –  All the Roads and Trees of Pennsylvania
Sarah-Jane Abate – Don’t You Want Someone?
Tim Buchanan – By The Time This Reaches You I’ll Have Fled
Andrew C. Sottile – Everybody Listened
Erin Ruzicka Trondson – Pearl 


William Hoffacker – What You Eat  
Marissa Schwalm  – Only Bar in Town 
Chris Wiewiora – Namesake

Issue Three: Editor-in-Chief: Clint Wilson | Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Maggie Behringer | Poetry Editor: Koh Xin Tian | Assistant Poetry Editor: Elizabeth Leo | Fiction Editor: Shaun Turner | Assistant Fiction Editor: Megan Fahey | Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Emily Denton | Assistant Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Kelsey Liebenson-Morse | Media Editor: Hailey Foglio | Assistant Media Editor: Sarah Munroe