Issue 4 – Spring 2015

Table of Contents


Ruth Baumann — Prelude IV | Prelude V
Andrew Hemmert — Self Portrait With Sketchbook, Sin, and Chimenea | Speaking the Names of the Dead
Alec Hershman — Through Power Sheds A Polish, Don’t Dawdle With The Hawks
Winona Elson Pasquini — On Waking to Find A Land-Fast Sea
Sarah Snook — My River Could Be Your River


Emma Moser — Something
Jason Peck — Green Thumb
C.M. Chapman — How To Get Away From The World
Clara Chow — Washing Kidneys
Amber Hart — Happy Birthday, Jasmine
Drew Wade — Appendicitis Day


Sian M. Jones — The Dog At The Fountain
Michael Milburn — Not What I Say
Susan Triemert — Matroyshka Dolls

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