Sarah Snook

My river could be your river

My flood could be your flood
each inch creeping closer
to treeline, over roadside
and shimmering across floodplain
every one hundred years

After one hundred footsteps
rivers could be ours, whisper
ripples as they glide
and wear land
to granite, then core
our hot cores baptized
under rolling water of rivers
that vein earth
like ribbons of minnows
skimming over rocks
to spawn

My cicadas shrieking
in sunblast afternoon
could be yours
Your footprint in muck
could be mine
our steps leading
where gravity pulls
water to lowest
point, inviting
animals, like us, to drink





Sarah Snook earned her M.F.A. from Minnesota State University, Mankato, M.A. from the University of Indianapolis, and B.A. at Ohio University. She enjoys reading, film, jazz, and taking care of her houseplant, cats, and son in New England.

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