Tag: Fiction

  • Wild Trade

    Avery Gregurich Needing something wild, we bought a (__) from a woman in the strip mall parking lot. She carried the keys to the cage and said to keep the […]

  • The Words Grew with the Bullets

    My grandmother always told me that the night I was born there was a curfew. At the midnight of the last month of the winter, in 1986, at Bukan in Iranian Kurdistan.

  • Where the Show Goes On

    After her favorite TV show gets cancelled mid-season, she makes weekly trips to an alternate universe where the show is still airing. There, in the comfort of her counterpart’s sofa, she watches new episodes, enthralled by the stunningly clever plot twists and ever-shifting dynamics between characters.

  • The Amazing Shauna Spiegelman

    She’d spent the past few months telling me how Shauna – she referred to her on a first name basis – had changed her life. Maybe I’d noticed a small enough change to want to see what the fuss was about. I started to say as much when Shauna Spiegelman herself walked into the restroom.

  • The Worst Job in the World

    The worst job in the world puppets you awake with the five-thirty alarm. There was a dream, which is gone. While others sleep you tie a knot around your neck, fold down a collar and fasten your cuffs. It is still dark.

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