Tag: Spring 2018

  • Hospice Memory Fugue

    T.J. Smith Turn down turn down the pale bluesheets that feel like paper— flat—the world outside the too-far windowhorizon stretching bleak earth and paleblue without interruption— flat linecrawl to terminus—no […]

  • Germination

    Noorulain Noor A pit of apathy sprouts,where onceindelible warmth pooledlike molasses.Clawing into crevasses of memory,I paint a disposition for you each day —zinnias in the breeze, the river at sunset,still […]

  • If You Can’t Love Me

    Sara Moore Wagner Things weep unexpected—the nose, an eye—as soft asa red ribbon from a pocket,a release of pressure as painfulas crowning a child,the face cracking like a pelvisand then, […]

  • Nostalgia for an Empty Place

    Sioned Curoe English burns bitter on my tongueand for the first time in living memoryI feel homesick for a countrysidesurrounded by so much fucking corn My sister calls from Californiahappy […]

  • Snowlining

    Yuan Changming At the same height ofEvery rocky mountainAbove all seasonal changeYou are widely cut open As if to bite a whole patch ofSky from heavenWith rows of rows ofWhale-like […]