Jaimeson Oakley



restricted     in    womb
muscle fiber  &   blood
pushed & shoved    out
constricted          proof
a       cord      is       cut
gravity     then   inertia
flesh        to        breath
father     where art thou

seven  &  solemn    old
soul      among children
first grade            afraid
bullied   for   difference
casted     out     by boys
awareness           shame
love      for my grandpa
wrote my first       story
art   was my only friend


outed from the    closet                                                           all eyes on                me

                   fourteen                                                                 it’s  all  in  your     head

first time I wore cargo                                                            anxiety   for    breakfast

basketball    was    life                                                            25 driveway freethrows

was talented      lonely                                                             in a row         in the rain

in love         infatuated                                                             until I could go    inside

      knee injury                                                                          move to     rival   school

acoustic guitar therapy                                                                    freshman year

cold turkey  fluoxetine                                                            first week grandpa dead


                                                deluded   &  washed out

                                                twenty-one   trans/queer

                                                drunk     since    fourteen

                                                        only legal now

                                                ego   the size of the   sun

                                                singing     original songs

                                                whiskey afflicted     poet

                                                dropping tabs   for better

                                                lack of a             prophet



Jaimeson Oakley (He/They) is a writer originally from the hills of Lucasville, Ohio. The poem “Saturn” is inspired by the significant aspects Saturn makes back to its original placement every seven years in one’s astrological birth chart.