Kay Rae Chomic

Not Funfetti Cupcakes


  • 4 cups naïveté
  • Carl, the big talker and popular guy + Crystal, the shy recluse. 
  • 1 gallon teenage lust 
  • Pinch of caution


  • 1 fresh big lie: Carl said he’ll inherit millions when his granddaddy dies. 
  • 3 canned small lies: He’ll buy Crystal a ranch and Appaloosas to ride. They’ll travel—Vegas, Australia, the moon. He promised to hire a chef.


  • Crystal’s love of horses and the travel channel. 
  • The bad taste left from cooking for her family of eight after her mama died.


    10 years on high heat in a Texas knothole of a town.  


  • Three kids browned, crusty-edged.
  • Carl, a Walmart assistant manager. 

 Bittersweet Glaze: 

  • 1 cup grit
  • 12 drops tears
  • 4 cups dreams

 Inject reality: 

  • Carl’s granddaddy died. 
  • Inheritance: boxes of R & B vinyl records and turntable, his only prized possessions.


  • Soulfulness of the music.
  • Crystal never cooked for Carl again.


Kay Rae Chomic, novelist (A Tight Grip), and writer of flash: Ellipsis Zine, Cabinet of Heed, Retreat West (1st place-micro fiction), Cranked Anvil (shortlisted), LISP (semi-finalist), Storgy Magazine, Flash Fiction Friday, Five:2:One, and more. Kay lives in Seattle dodging raindrops, and loves Motown music.