Matthew Burnside



Matthew Burnside’s forthcoming books include Centrifugal: Unstories (Whiskey Tit) and Skull Kingdoms: An Imaginary Omnibus (Unsolicited Press). He is the author of Wiki of Infinite Sorrows and Postludes (both from KERNPUNKT), Rules to Win the Game (Spuyten Duyvil Press), Dear Wolfmother (Heavy Feather Review), and Meditations of the Nameless Infinite (Robocup Press). He lives in Virginia and teaches at Hollins University.


Artwork “Jamie,” by Donald Patten

Donald Patten is a draftsmen from Belfast, Maine. As a draftsman, he produces live figure drawing, and also makes oil paintings & graphic novels. Artworks of his have been exhibited in galleries across the Midcoast region of Maine. He posts his art on Newgrounds at