Statement of Ethics

The editorial team at Cheat River Review is committed to fostering a thoughtful, inclusive, and historically minded literary community. As MFA candidates in creative writing, we are constantly learning what it means to be writers in the world; however, we cannot ignore the social and artistic responsibilities that running a literary journal brings.

This Statement of Ethics has been compiled and agreed upon by the 2021-2022 editorial team of Cheat River Review:

This Statement represents the public acknowledgment of Cheat River Review’s ethics so that we may best serve our community whilst holding ourselves answerable for our actions. We intend to practice our values by reflecting them in what we publish and whose voices we choose to include.

1. Cheat River Review vehemently denounces racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, misogyny, and discrimination based on religion.

2. Cheat River Review encourages all artists, especially members of marginalized groups, to submit their writing for publication.

3. All manuscripts submitted to Cheat River Review will be treated with due respect and care, regardless if they are or are not chosen for publication.

4. The Cheat River Review editorial team believes in social justice in West Virginia, the United States, and beyond.

5. Cheat River Review will promote and follow ethical publishing practices in all processes.

6. Cheat River Review supports meaningful and productive conversations directly and indirectly influenced by the content we publish.